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Boat Accessories & Gadgets

Boat Accessories & Gadgets

After enough research for innovative products, so that we can have the best result for the care of your boat, we have managed to have smart and practical solutions in this direction.

Sewable ventilation systems are adapted to your protective covers, depending on the size of the interior surface and the needs of each boat.

Also supporting poles suitable for adjusting the height of the cover to create inclines, so as not to create hollow surfaces and retain water, but also for the placement of ventilators, where needed. In that way we allow the air to enter the cover, helping it to breathe keeping away moisture and corrosion.

Also a special lubricant in a practical size for the worn out snap fasteners by the sea water with ergonomic handle and easy to use, exclusive on Ben’s Cover and many more to choose.

Are you interested in renovating your ship or boat? We are at your disposal with unique proposals and ideas for any type of ship/boat.