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Boat Awnings-Shades

τέντες σκαφών

Boat Awnings-Shades

Awnings and shade structures are an integral part of every boat and their proper construction depends solely on the experience and know-how of the craftsman.

The best choice of fabric worldwide for boat awnings is acrylic, so we have selected internationally renowned suppliers who provide it to us.

Furthermore, at the most awnings we use clear vinyl with high specifications and excellent clarity and net fabric (mesh). Each awning is created by us in stages, from the design and the cutting, the sewing and the final placement for a completely successful application.

We take over the full structures including the bow frames so that you don’t have to search for other solutions.

Some of the types of awnings that we can create are: Bimini, sailboat dodger (spray hood) , bow dodger , full enclosures , tensile awning structures and special constructions using solar panels and lighting systems,windshield shades, side shades etc.

Are you interested in changing the awning of your ship or boat? We are at your disposal with unique proposals and ideas for any type of ship/boat.